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  • Mag.Mareike Krieger

psychotherapy for children

I offer psychotherapy for adults and children and educational consultation.

In the following areas I am specifically specialized to work with children ages 2-10:

  • Tic-disorders

  • Enkopresis and Enuresis (difficulties with defecation and urination)

  • Sleep problems

  • Anxiety, panic, and social insecurities

  • Oppositional and aggressive behaviors

  • Children with mentally ill parents

  • traumatic events

I look forward to working with you!

Mag. Mareike Krieger

Psychotherapist for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Educational counselor

0664/ 88 979 354

1160 Wien, Kendlerstraße 41, Stiege 5, 1.Stock, Tür 13

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